Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

“An egalitarian and prosperous society where impact groups manage their personal and community resources effectively, equitably, efficiently and sustainably”

Our Mission:

“ Contribute to sustainable resource management, climate change adaptation, poverty eradication and social justice of impact group through social mobilization, institution building, technology transfer and multi-stakeholder partnership.

Values and principles

Core Principles and Values

RIMS-Nepal upholds four core values and principles to follow the project cycle management and organization culture.

Respect: RIMS-Nepal appreciates and respects capacities, qualities, opinion and values, of individuals, socially excluded groups, communities and stakeholders, partners, donors, staff and professionals.

Integrity: RIMS-Nepal maintains transparency and accountability to the people and community it works with. In its all activities, RIMS-Nepal maintains openness and tries to build trust in the communities and with stakeholders. This core value will be developed as the culture of the organisation.

Marginalized, women and poor focused: RIMS-Nepal is always committed to working with women, the poor and the disadvantaged and marginalised communities. Their rights, dignity and well-being remain our first priority.

Sustainability: RIMS-Nepal focuses on improving the quality of life of its impact groups, especially economic and social life, and the environment through institution and capacity building, and developing social capital and networks.