Completed Projects

SN Name of the project Donor/Partners Duration Project Area (districts) Key achievements
1. Multi-Stakeholder

Forestry Programme


GoN, Govt Of Finland, SDC, DFID/UKAid


1 March 2013-

15 July 2016



Rupandehi and



742 ha. of Public and   community forest land is

afforested. 471 ha. Leasehold forest land is planted

with Amriso. Altogether 51 LAPAs and 45 CAPs have been prepared. Similarly, 24 LAPAs and   CAPs have been reviewed. Provided financial support on the implementation of some of the activities of 61 LAPAs and 59 CAPs. 12362 families received supports in different income generation activities. 2202 individuals received job from 50 forest based enterprises.






Humanitarian Assistant

Programme (ECHO)



EU, ADRA Germany,

ADRA Nepal



May 2015




Dhading (11




Assessed and responded the emergency needs of 63,640

households in the eleven VDCs of Dhadhing district

affected by the earthquake.






Strengthening Smallholder Enterprise in Kewalpur VDC HEIFER International


2013 – 2016






Improved livelihood of 12,220 smallholder rural families

through agro-livestock based value chain enterprise

development in Dhading.


4 Governance and

Livelihoods Programme



ADRA Australia,

ADRA Nepal




25     VDCs of Dhading


Capacitated 225 Ward   Citizen forums in   leadership,

proposal writing to access fund for the development plan implementation. Improved governance and leadership of the ward citizen forums


5 Nepal Earthquake

Emergency Response Programme (NEER)


DRA New Zealand,

ADRA Nepal









Facilitated 2,380 earthquake -affected households to

return to their normal condition and provide adequate security in social structures ,food and nutrition needs.


6 Agro Biodiversity

Conservation (ABC)

UNDP, GEF, SGP Feb2012-


Benighat, Dhusa

And Jogimara

VDCs of Dhading

Conserved traditional food and culture of of indigenous Chepang communities.   Improved land Use systems through reducing shifting cultivation promoting SALT. Established a cooperative for market linkage of traditional food and improved livelihoods. Benefited

population of 2,500 individuals of two VDCs.

7 Leadership

And Good Governance Phase II

Governance Phase II Jan2011-Dec


25 VDC of


225 Ward citizen forums of 25VDCs were capacitated to

develop their need based plan. They were able to access

funding required to implement the plan in collaboration

with VDC and DDC and other development agencies.

Total Beneficiaries – 33750 individuals

8 Bhaktapur Livelihood

Project (BLP)

World Vision International-Nepal Jul2009-




Provided vocational trainings to marginalised people &

enhanced agricultural technique to uplift the livelihood

of 500+ farmers of Bhaktapur.

9 RIMS Community

Development Project


HEIFER International July2010-


5 VDCs



Identified & managed available resources & knowledge to raise the economic status and increased livelihood

security of the poor & marginalised communities and

increment in their income generation opportunities and

enhanced food security through buffalo and goat

farming. Beneficiaries – 703 HHs

10 Livestock   for Income




Oct2008- March2012 5 VDCs of


Improved livelhoood of poor and marganilized 579 HHs

through agriculture, goat and buffalow farming

11 Local Adaptation Plan of Action (LAPA): Scoping and Pilot Study DFID, CADP-N June2010-Jan


Dhading Assessed and recommended tools and methodology for

identifying vulnerable communities and household and

develop local planning process to intregrate climate

adaptation into development plan in 3 VDCs(Tasanpur VDC ,Jogimara VDC and Jeevanpur VDC) in dhading

district. Beneficiaries – 200 HHs

12 Assessment of Climate

Change Impacts

WWF – Nepal October 2009-


Dhading Conducted participatory learning process with local

communities to assess vulnerability and response to

climate change impact and identify various adaptation

options across three different sites of Rapti valley.

13 Building

Resilience of Farmers

From Climate Change

WWF – Nepal Feb 2010-Jun 2010 Ramche and

Bhorle VDCs of Rasuwa

Carried out detailed agricultural assessment from climate perspective and identify alternative crops diversification options and   supported farmers to   increase their understanding and capacity to monitor the changes in forming practices across the Bhorle and Ramche VDCs of Rasuwa district.
14 Integrating Population and Health Into Forest

Management Agenda in Nepal (PHE)

USAID, ADRA Nepal Oct 2006-


Dhading Users of 30 CFUGs   were aware on   public health,

sanitation and environment. Distribute kits related to

reproductively health and contraceptive. Beneficiaries

15 Strengthened Actions for Governance in Utilization of Natural Resources (SAGUN) USAID, WWF-Nepal,




50 VDCs, Dhading Enhanced and diversified livelihood of marginalised

people, conserved and managed biodiversity by reducing threats to biologically significant areas through

strengthened people-centered approach.

16 Health and Sanitation Germany Embassy 2006-2007 Dhading 400 HHs awarded on public health and sanitation
17 Resin Tapping Programme USAID, MoFSC, DoF


2005-2006 Dhading Trained 120 individuals in resign tapping of 31 CFUGs

and linked market

18 Dhading Environment

Protection (DEP) Programme

Uniting Protestant

Churches in   the

Netherlands (UPCN)

2003-2004 Dhading Sensitized communities on impact of climate change;

supported in adaptation activities such as plantation, income generation activities

19 Community

Forestry Management Programme

USAID, FECOFUN June   2002 to 10/1/2002 Dhading Improved governance of CFUGs, supported in developing

opeartional plan, handovered   government magaged

forest land to communities as CFUGs.

20 Promoting Agriculture Health and Alternative Livelihood (PAHAL) USAID/ Mercy Corps










Darchula, Bajhang Bajura, Baitadi, Dadeldhura, Doti, Achham Focused on agriculture component for livelihoods, worked on DRR, Nutrition, Irrigation, NRM Marketing, Financial services, Increases production through Lead farmers approach and Private sector. Reachedd to more than 100,000 HHs. RIMS-Nepals was accountable to provide technical support to the project ensuring quality if agriculture related capacity development, technologies and services.




Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disaster (ANUKULAN)










Bardiya, Kanchapur, Kailali, Surkhet, Doti, Dadeldhura



Focused on Climate Change Adaptation, DRR, Nutrition, MUS, Solar Pump, MPC, Collection center, encouraged private sector through CBF approach.

Total beneficiaries were 90,000 HHs in 6 districts




Restoring Food and Nutrition Security and Building Resilient Livelihoods in Earthquake Affected Areas (PRRO) WFP/WHH 15 Dec. 2016 -31 Dec. 2019 Dhading (Rubi Valley RM) Implementation through Resource farmers and Users Committee for food and nutrition security.Food for work and cash for work approach applied.

Worked on irrigation, trail, DWS, Birthing centre, Kitchen garden. Reached to more than 8189 HHs

24 Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Action in Nepal (SWASTHA Nepal) CARE-Nepal/ DFAT D Dec 2017- Feb 2019 Dhading The project supported to construct 19 drinking water schemes, trainings, support for Open Defecation Free (ODF) zone in GangaJamuna RM, toilet construction, BCC sessons, menstural hygiene etc. Project reached to 24308 HH.


25 Food Security Enhancement and Agricultural Resilience of Earthquake- Affected Rural Nepalese Farmers (FOSTER) ADRA Nepal/ Canadian Food Grain Bank April 2017- March 2020 Dhading (Dhunibesi, Galchhi, Thakre, Gajuri) Focused on food and nutritional security of rural poor farmers in Dhading. Project formed nad mobilized 85 Farmers’ group and reach to 1864 members (1341 female) and their households. Project provided support through formation and mobilization of farmers’ group, providing training, developing leader farmers, IPM, post harvest, composting, technologies (improved verity selection, Gummoose, Plastic mulching, Plastic house, MUS, water collection pond etc.), VAHW training, goad raising, farmers Market School (FMS) etc.
26 Agricultural Recovery of Earthquake Affected Households (AREA) ADRA Nepal/ Swiss Solidarity Oct 2017- Dec 2018 Dhading Focused on food and nutritional security of earthquake affected communities in Dhading. Agriculture based training, technologies, training and material support.


27 Economic Recovery Programme USAID/DAI- TAYAR Nepal 15thSept. 2020- 21stJan. 2021 Dhading To support the municipality to prepare for the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis mobilizing finance and resource in addressing urgent recovery needs.
28 Disaster Resilience Education and Safe School(DRESS) ADRA Switzerland/ ADRA Nepal 1st July 2017- 14th May 2018 Dhading School building construction in Karki Dhadas, Dhading.