Natural Resource Management

Millions of the population in Nepal is dependent on natural resources and biodiversity for their livelihoods. This dependency stresses the importance of conservation and sustainable management of forest and other natural resources. However, due to changes in demography, socio-economic and development context, climate change and urbanization, local resources are under threat. It is upmost important to conserve the resources on one hand and support livelihoods of communities through sustainable resources on the other hand. For this, active participation of local communities in resource management is crucial. RIMS-Nepal has developed consensus in the field of natural resource management and it’s our understanding that there is still room for intervention in this sector in Nepal, therefore our efforts will be to design and implement projects related to forestry and forest based businesses in all kinds of forestry models. Forest users' group governance, biodiversity conversation, watershed management and wetland management will also be key programmatic actions under natural resource management.