RIMS Nepal recognizes health and sanitation promotion as the key priorities of urban and rural development. Present health and sanitation situation is more or less in a progressive state, there is still room for improvement especially in the rural areas of Nepal. Community health especially reproductive health, safe motherhood and nutrition related under health component and Water Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH) related activities have been implemented. RIMS-Nepal has already gained experience working in health and WASH related activities contributing to GoN “Sanitation and Hygiene Master Plan 2011” in order to increase access of deprived marginalized community women and children to basic health services, nutritional education and safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. RIMS Nepal has focused on some strategic areas of interventions such as Promotion of reproductive health and safe motherhood, Promotion of sanitation and hygiene and Promotion of safe drinking water system.
For the desired impact and sustainability of programme, RIMS-Nepal considers following areas as cross-cutting themes in its development of programme and institutions.