Ciherang Seed Support of 5 Kgs Enhancing Food Security in Remote Areas of Doti

Ciherang Seed Support of 5 Kgs Enhancing Food Security in Remote Areas of Doti

Saraswoti showing harvested Ciherang and Sukhadhan

Mahadev village of Tikhattar VDC from Doti district represents one of the remotest area of far-western Nepal where rice growing farmers stand out on a terraced hill that is dominated by traditional varieties. Thanks to the hard work of Saraswoti Shahi, a 27 years woman who strives hard to feed the family of five through the harvests from Agriculture. “For all those years, I had been growing traditional varieties of rice like Marshi, Jhimwaa, Radha etc. in my field. Sometimes, we did have a reasonable harvest while we fail most of the time depending on rain,” recalled Saraswoti.

She along with Sharada Shahi from Mahadev Agriculture Group members received 5 kg stress tolerant rice varieties (STRVs) of improved rice varieties of Ciherang and Sukhkhadhan-1 and 3 from the PAHAL program in coordination with IRRI Nepal. “I had tried 5 kg of Ciherang rice in 0.75 Kattha at my own risk. Other members of the group were reluctant to introduce that rice and they had also suggested me for the same. Now, I had harvested 200 kg of rice from 5 kg of seed. On the other hand, I found that Ciherang rice is delicious, aromatic, high economic yield and short straw” she explained with gentle smile in her face.

“After harvesting the rice, all members of the group are interested to share this variety of rice in next year and they have already reserved the seed for next year by exchanging with local varieties in ratio of 1:2,” she added. At the same time, she also grew 5 kg of Sukhadhan-3 in half Ropani of land from which the yield was 200 kg which connotes potential yield of 400 kg/Ropani. The Sukha Dhan was significant in low water and in water scarce area like our village. The rice is aromatic and has long straw than Ciherang and suitable for livestock rearing.” she explained.

“Next year I am planning to expand the area of Ciherang by 10 ropani and Sukha Dhan-3 by 2 Ropani,” she said. “Even my neighbors are planning to grow these rice varieties in next year by exchanging seed” she added.

PAHAL in coordination with IRRI Nepal had distributed 10 Quintal of stress tolerant rice varieties (STRVs) of Sukha dhan, 2 quintal of DRR-44 and 1 quintal of Ciherang 5 kg each free of cost to the farmers in Doti district together with other 3 districts in Far-west region of PAHAL.