Development through resource management

Policy Advocacy and Governance

Policy advocacy, gender and social inclusion are cross cutting issues, which are important in the development context. The good practice generated by project and programme have to be scaled up and institutionalised through policy and programme support. It is thus necessary to engage with policy makers to ensure legal measures that can safeguard community's rights. Similarly, the gender and social inclusion issues need to be considered while implementing project and programme. Mainstreaming gender and social inclusion within national and local policies and programme will empower women and ethnic groups to have equal stake in decision making and development. This programme will promote gender and social inclusion by engaging in policy advocacy and discussion.

Major Programme

  • Policy advocacy and policy reforms
  • Social research and studies (baseline studies, evaluation studies)
  • Poor and gender sensitive programme
  • Gender mainstreaming and inclusion

Major Projects

  1. Leadership and Good �Governance Phase II (Finished Project)