Development through resource management

Livelihood Improvement

Rural livelihood in Nepal is supported by services generated from biodiversity and natural resource. The conservation of biodiversity will ensure that rural communities’ access to natural resources is sustained. It is therefore necessary to support government and other actors to devise policies as well as implement programme that will build livelihood assets of poor and marginalised communities living in both the rural and urban areas. Nepal has potential to use its natural resources for improving livelihoods of communities. Better management of biodiversity and natural resources will offer that opportunities and bridge the gap between haves and have-nots. This programme aims to best utilise the biodiversity and natural wealth of Nepal to generate livelihood opportunities for the poor and resource dependent communities.

Major Programme

  • Biodiversity management for community’s livelihood
  • Livelihood improvements of rural and urban household by promoting innovative agriculture based income generation and enterprises
  • Emergency response and preparedness (e.g. earthquake, flood)
  • Social mobilisation and extension system for efficient knowledge sharing and technology transfer
  • Social protection programme

Major Projects

  1. Dhading Environment �Protection (DEP) � Programme (Finished Project)
  2. Livestock for Income �Generation (Finished Project)
  3. Bhaktapur Livelihood �Project (BLP) (Finished Project)
  4. RIMS Community �Development Project � (RCDP) (Finished Project)
  5. Strengthening Smallholder Enterprise in Kewalpur VDC, Dhading (Ongoing Project)