Development through resource management

Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Natural resource management is a source of livelihood for majority of the population in developing countries. Such resources have provided the foundation for developmental activities in rural settings. Still two-third of the Nepal’s population resides in the rural areas. People depend on these resources to get direct benefit while indirect benefits include ecosystem services, tourism, etc. provides alternative option for income generation. The dependency on natural resources stresses the importance of conservation and management of biodiversity and ecosystem in a sustainable manner. However, due to changes in demography, socio-economic and development context, climate change and urbanisation, the natural resources has come under threat. The loss of genetic resources is severe and there is danger of narrowing genetic bases of some of the important agriculture, and forest species which may have implication to the food security. The goal of this programme is to promote natural resource management and biodiversity conservation to secure livelihoods of marginal and resource poor farmers. 

Major Projects

  1. Community Forestry �Management � Programme (Finished Project)
  2. Non timber Forest �Product Programme (Finished Project)
  3. Strengthened Actions for Governance in Utilization of Natural Resources (SAGUN) (Finished Project)
  4. Agro BiodiversityConservation (ABC) (Finished Project)