Development through resource management

Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture is the backbone of Nepalese economy. The majority of the population are dependent on agriculture one way or the other for their livelihood. The improvement of agriculture will contribute both to the local economy as well as improvement in the economy of the country. However, Nepalese agriculture system is not performing to its potential state due to various reasons. Nepal has to rely on agriculture imports from neighbouring countries. It is thus necessary to maximise the agriculture production potentials of Nepal by improving policies, service delivery and technology transfer. It is also necessary to address issues such as labour crisis, loss of agriculture biodiversity, food insecurity, declining livestock productivity, land degradation and market failures. This programme aims to focus on research and innovations to promote resilience practice within agriculture and livestock sector that can address issues of climate change, globalisation and trade deficits.

Major programme

 - Food security and nutrition
 - Innovative agriculture programme that will carry out research and support government to scale out the technologies and practice
 - Community livestock improvement programme
 - Increase irrigation access and promote efficient and affordable systems (Multi-use water system, Micro irrigation)   
 - Local agriculture enterprises and innovations including value addition and market 
 - Community financing programme (Saving and credit schemes)
 - Ecological agriculture (Organic farming)
 - Agrobiodiversity management

Major Projects

  1. Agro BiodiversityConservation (ABC) (Finished Project)
  2. Home Garden Project (HGP) Phase IV (Ongoing Project)
  3. Promoting Agriculture Health and Alternative Livelihood (PAHAL) (Ongoing Project)