Development through resource management

Resource Center

With aim to provide training facilities, workshops, seminars and meetings, RIMS Nepal has conducted training, and resource center at Baireni, Dhading district in ropanis of land. It has capacity to accommodate 40-50 participants for lodging and foods in eco-friendly environment. All basic necessary logistics supports including training halls, audio-visual aids, photocopy machines, computer printing, and communication facilities are available in,resource center. Community library with collection of books, posters, articles, documentaries, climate change related publications and other related newsletter, journals, periodicals are available in the library.
Different project based trainings and other vocational/technical trainings can be organized in the center. RIMS Nepal itself and other ING0s, CBOs, Governmental organizations are utilizing the center to deliver trainings, workshops, seminars and meeting on reasonable and cost effective basis.
RIMS-Nepal maintains a well-equipped resource managed by trained librarian. The centre has a repository of about -1000 books and gray literature on resource management and water issues. It also has a substantial collection of maps, atlas, pictures, video, newspaper clipping, and brochures. The materials have been catalogued and computerized for easy and quick access. It is open to all including researchers from universities and academic institution colleges. local groups and other institutions. The following materials are documented in RIMS resource centre.