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Development through resource management

Agriculture Recovery of Earthquake Affected Families (AREA)

In this project, ADRA Switzerland has partnered with ADRA Nepal and Resource Identification and Management Society (RIMS) Nepal for planning, implementation and monitoring of the project. The main objective of the project is to support earthquake affected Chepang, Tamang and other marginal communities of Dhading district to re-establish their livelihoods. The project will work with 600 households as direct beneficiaries. This outcome targets to support at least 600 households in improved farming of vegetable and goat and at least 20% increase in annual income of these groups. As an outcome, project will generate at least 6000 additional employment days from Cash for Work scheme during rehabilitation/construction work of damaged/new infrastructures. The project is designed to have increased income from new or expanded income generating activities to farmers that would have greater resources and capabilities to absorb shocks and stresses if similar disaster occurs in future. 

Key achievements:

Ø  630 HHs have received seed packets, while 30 farmes groups have received agriculture technology, micro irrigation technology and an improved breeding buck.

Ø  Farmers have started benefiting through improved  irrigation technology.

Ø  90 households identified as most vulnerable ones have received goat for restocking.

Ø  Constructions of two MUS have nearly completed

Ø  27 farmers groups have been formed in order to provide agricultural input and technology support

Ø  All the groups have started practice of saving and credit through